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Guntam (good-looking guy!) and Ailin (SPG!)

Ailin Graef is the real-world SPG behind the Second Life character "Anshe Chung", and is reported to be the world's first virtual world millionaire. While Ailin sells herself as a real-estate magnate and poster girl of the virtual business world, she got her start as an escort in Second Life, selling herself through sex chat and kinky 3D animations, and it's through this "business" that Ailin and her white oppressor husband/pimp Guntram have managed to create a virtual business.

One of Ailin's sample ads:

"If you are nice and generous to me like a real gentleman or lady I can be your private entertainer. I will be delighted to make you happy in many ways performing for you, providing you company during your travels or a tender massage in your home :-),"
"I am a material girl with a money fetish - this means I get very kinky if you give me a nice gift. I don't know why. It kinda happens. Just a reaction of my body getting very hot. Maybe because I feel you show me special appreciation. So many boys want to make love and have nice words, but not so many boys really give up something they cherrish. This is why I ask for a little tip when you meet me :-)"[1]
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Ailin is such a role model for SPGs that she was the subject of a virtual interview by CNET. Hackers rightfully took her down a notch by bombarding her avatar with virtual penises during the interview. SPG and her white oppressor attempted to suppress interview coverage, but were promptly slapped down by warnings from first amendment attorneys.

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